Can using glass in design really provide energy efficiency?

Choosing the right type of glass has long since been a key element to consider when designing or refurbishing a space. The clarity and aesthetic nature of glass is unmatched in its ability to not only provide natural light, but to also create stunning architectural facades. However, with up to 40 percent of a home’s heating lost, and more than 87 percent of it gained through windows alone; the thermal performance in glass is a crucial element to consider when [...]

The Changing Space of Strategy

 By Keti Malkoski Workspace strategy is one of the most powerful means to boost people and business productivity. When considering a workspace strategy, it is essential to understand that one size does not fit all. If the aim of workplace strategy is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of how workspace is used, a workspace strategy must be tailored to suit the unique and diverse needs of a business and reflect the vision, goals and objectives of the organisation as a [...]

Creating Cities For The Future

  Words by Peter Gahn, Illustration by Ilya Milstein  Cities are one of humankind’s greatest – and most resilient – inventions. Today, cities continue to be the centre of human economic and cultural activity, and account for a growing proportion of the world’s population and economic output. Yet many long-established cities face a challenge of reinventing themselves – or face the prospect of decline and economic hardship. For many governments, town planners and architects, the question of how to build a city of the future is one they are [...]

The Human Nature Connection between Biophilic design for wellbeing

In 2030, more than half the world’s population will live in urban environments. What does this mean for designers? The UN predicts that within the next 15 years 60 per cent of us will dwell in towns and cities. This seismic shift in population density from regional areas to the proverbial ‘concrete jungles’, combined with the fact that we spend a majority of our time indoors, raises the question: are we becoming disconnected from human nature? How can we mindfully design our built environments and interior spaces to stimulate [...]

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

By Penny Craswell Florist turned eco-warrior and sustainable designer, Joost Bakker, is making waves both at home and abroad with a zero waste approach to hospitality and architecture. Bakker talks his past, present and future.  After growing up on a flower farm in the Yarra Valley, Joost Bakker started his own business in the early 1990s as a wholesaler, sending locally grown flowers around Australia and the world. It was through sharing a workspace with an exotic mushroom importer that he first came into contact [...]

Peter Schiavello, What Will Tomorrow Bring

This is an exciting question to ask oneself.  For over fifty years, from day one on the 13th of July, 1966, when my father Tony and uncle Joe founded the company, the Schiavello business has grown, evolved and diversified on the pursuit of giving the customer what they want, providing great value, and believing that with an entrepreneurial spirit ‘Anything is Possible’. The business has been created on core values, such as integrity, fairness, respect for customers, employees and all [...]

Why do collaborative spaces fail?

By Keti Malkoski When developing a future workplace strategy with a client one objective or driver for change that is frequently identified by stakeholders, is the aim to promote collaboration between people and teams. To achieve this, modern work environments incorporate a range of informal and formal ‘collaborative’ spaces within various workplace areas. These spaces are becoming increasingly diverse; created in a range of sizes to support individuals and groups, with varying degrees of enclosure and privacy, and they incorporate different [...]

Q + A with Doshi & Levien

By Jessica Capolupo In their own words, their work ‘celebrates the hybrid and the coming together of cultures, technology, industrial design and fine craftsmanship’. From developing shoes with Her Majesty’s bootmaker John Lobb, to producing a furniture collection with Schiavello, the duo are highly sought after by industry leaders and were named ‘Designer of the Year’ at the 2015 Elle Deco International Design Awards. From their London studio, they take turns to talk family holidays, marriage proposals and their upcoming [...]

Age of the Millennial, what does it mean?

 By Christopher Schiavello The hospitality sector is rapidly changing and 2016 promises to be a year of increased demand, growth and acquisitions. The key driver of change in the coming years for the hospitality and hotel sector will be the expected generational shift. Millennials (or Gen Y) aged between 21 and 35, are beginning to enter their prime earning years and will have a definitive impact on how disposable income is spent. According to research recently released by Deloitte’s, Millennials [...]

Are our workplaces ready for high impact – low touch technologies?

By Schiavello Behaviours previously confined to science fiction are now contemporary design considerations as new technologies appear on the market – providing workers with dynamic and new ways of working. Consider for a moment, today’s technologies are on track to be four times more powerful by 2020. This exponential increase of computational power will continue to create seismic shifts in workplace behaviour. New interfaces are enabling alternative ways to control computers, generate and navigate digital content and, share experiences. These [...]