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Change Management for Activity Based Working

Every time workspace is changed – whether the change is moving around a few workstations or moving the entire organisation into a new building – there is an opportunity for organisational change and improvement. The opportunity may be at a modest scale all the way to large-scale changes in business processes, procedures, and even the culture.

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Decorate or die (of boredom)

  What does your workspace say about you? Well, if there’s not a photo of your partner or spouse on your desk, you are more likely to be a man. Men will mark their territory with signs of their achievement, with trophies or certificates or even pictures of the kids. But the wife is out of sight. “Unless she’s a trophy wife, of course, ” jokes Keti Malkoski, workplace research psychologist at Schiavello.

Coworking spaces

The way that we work and where we work is constantly changing – driven by the need to be more flexible and mobile. Coworking is a new way of working that is becoming more popular in Australia and globally – evident by the proliferation of coworking spaces. In the last few weeks of July 2012, I have been visiting Melbourne’s coworking spaces, talking to the founders and users.

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