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Practical Work-From-Home Policies That Actually Work

  The dust is beginning to settle around Marissa Mayer’s infamous Yahoo lockdown. Now it’s time to begin putting together a comprehensive strategy that works for your company. Now that the dust has settled a bit about Marissa Meyer’s controversial “no working from home” policy at Yahoo, I thought I’d weigh in. Many companies provide work-from-home options. Employees love it.

Are your employees ready for workplace change?

Over the next few weeks, WorkClimate will be exploring the topic of change management, and how it relates to the physical workplace. Join Schiavello Workplace Research Psychologist Keti Malkoski as she looks at change management as a tool for maximising the value of the workplace by encouraging the greatest contribution from the people who work there.

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Why Passing on the Remote Is Good for Yahoo!

With the hullabaloo surrounding Yahoo’s leaked memo summoning all remote workers back to the office, it’s clear that the subject of mobility, as we design professionals call it, has touched a modern workplace nerve. We all like to think that we can work anywhere at any time. Tablets, smart phones, and The Cloud have delivered the promise of freedom from being tethered to any specific location. Work isn’t a place, after all.

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