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Working theories

WHEN Yahoo! chief executive Marissa Mayer announced the company’s recent ban on staff working from home in regular hours, she was attacked by business leaders, human resources experts, academics, environmentalists and feminists. Yet the heated argument that followed has highlighted a management issue well worth scrutinising: What working conditions deliver the most productivity? Is there only so far the seemingly inexorable trend towards “flexibility” can go before staff diffusion begins to damage a company’s internal coherence? Is the now widespread […]

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The power of a deconstructed office

Progressive organisations are beginning to treat the workspace as an active tool rather than a passive backdrop, according to Keti Malkoski, workplace research psychologist with Schiavello. This focus may lead to a decision to shift to a different work environment, such as ‘hot desking’ or ‘activity-based working’ (ABW). The former is focused on the desk: employees are no longer allocated their own, but several employees will use the work station at different times. ABW environments, on the other hand, divide […]

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