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The UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study on Sustainability 2013

Sustainability is firmly on the CEO agenda, but underlying our in-depth conversations with these leaders is a sense of frustrated ambition. Some 63 percent expect sustainability to transform their industry in five years—and 76 percent believe that embedding sustainability into core business will drive revenue growth and new opportunities. But they are constrained by market expectations.

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Is There Life After Email? Yes, And It’s Amazing

  I worked at, the 15th most popular website in the world to writeThe Year Without Pants, a book about what we can learn from the amazing and progressive culture they use to get work done. One major challenge I faced there was learning how to work without email.

Just got activity-based working? It’s about to change again

  A workforce that includes up to four generations and growing emphasis on working remotely are just some of the challenges that face employers and the architects who serve them, says Rosemary Kirkby, the pioneer of workplace design in Australia.

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Five design features that actually promote productivity

The open-plan office has come a long way since its paranoia-inducing beginnings. What began as a way to expose slack workers has evolved into our current obsession with office spaces that not only facilitate but, increasingly, force collaboration between staff. Cubicles are dead. Shared desks, hot-desk pods and quirky breakout spaces are in (at the very least).

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