Monthly Archives: September 2016

Occupancy Monitoring to Track or Not to Track

  By Jessica Capolupo If real estate is the second highest cost to a business, then unused space is the peril of any organisation striving for greater efficiency. But for any business looking to reduce the bottom line, are occupancy sensors the key to uncovering the truly efficient workplace, or are they an invasion of privacy? Gone are the days when we were content with apparatus such as motion sensors that could cut lighting electricity usage by as much as […]

The Streets of a Workspace

By Keti Malkoski Transitional spaces or circulation pathways including stairs and corridors are the ‘streets of a workspace’, transporting employees from one place to another. These pathways represent a significant portion of workspace real estate and if activated effectively, can contribute to enhancing connectivity between employees and teams. When organisations embark on the journey to create a new workspace, they establish change objectives related to improving people and business effectiveness to ensure a return on their investment. Improved people and […]