Monthly Archives: October 2016

Are our workplaces ready for high impact – low touch technologies?

By Schiavello Behaviours previously confined to science fiction are now contemporary design considerations as new technologies appear on the market – providing workers with dynamic and new ways of working. Consider for a moment, today’s technologies are on track to be four times more powerful by 2020. This exponential increase of computational power will continue to create seismic shifts in workplace behaviour. New interfaces are enabling alternative ways to control computers, generate and navigate digital content and, share experiences. These […]

Leaders in Agile Workplaces

By Keti Malkoski Alternative ways of working are certainly on the rise, but for such spaces to flourish, the spotlight is on middle management to champion change from the frontline. For any manager in any workplace environment, a leadership strategy that constructively impacts on employees is an effective one. When a working environment changes though, from say traditional to flexible, or agile, middle managers and their strategies are most affected. At the forefront of the change process, middle managers are needed […]