2017 marks the tenth vintage for the Schiavello family winery, a milestone that can be appreciated with a glass of Gioiello wine.

"Wine making in some ways is entirely different to our usual business, and in other ways more closely aligned than you can imagine", Peter Schiavello recites, "The process of wine making is years of gradual change, periodic tasting, and more change. In industries where projects begin and end in 8 to 12 weeks, there is something refreshing in the time it takes to produce a truly beautiful wine".

Perched on rolling hills at the south eastern point of the Strathbogie Ranges in Central Victoria lies 22 acres of north facing vineyard - today known as Gioiello Estate. Originally planned and planted in stages between 1986 and 1994 this boutique cool climate vineyard showed early signs of its potential winning the prestigious George Mackey Trophy as the best Australian wine to be exported in the 1994-95 year.

In 2006 the Schiavello family acquired the property, with the intention to produce wine, upgrade the facilities and use the accommodation for employee related training, team building and of course some R&R. The Schiavello family¹s passion for wine making can be seen as Schiavello Group Managing Director, Peter and wife Natalie¹s frequently discuss and debate over viticulture and wine making techniques.

Making a great wine is an obsessive and often fanatical pursuit, involving many conversations, tastings, walks through the vineyard, understanding terroir and learning from experiments and mistakes. Over the years the Schiavello family have been actively pursuing ways to improve both the vineyard and the wine making process, which results in producing less volume of wine however better quality. This vineyard could easily produce 5 tonne of grapes to the acre however we have chosen to limit that to 1.5-2 tonne per acre in order to gain more flavour concentration and balance per grape. The activities in the vineyard, including pruning, trellis and harvest have become more precise with the deliberate intention of creating superlative wines.

The vineyard has shown that wine from this property is very European in style and tends to match well to food. Meaning, wine with great structure, acid balance and mouth feel which perfectly complement food. Gioiello have been fortunate enough to receive positive reviews on the wines, including a recent 95 point score from James Halliday for the 2014 Old House Merlot and a 95 for the Mt Concord Syrah.