2017 marks the tenth vintage for the Schiavello family winery, a milestone that can be appreciated with a glass of Gioiello wine.

“Wine making in some ways is entirely different to our usual business, and in other ways more closely aligned than you can imagine”, Peter Schiavello recites, “The process of wine making is years of gradual change, periodic tasting, and more change. In industries where projects begin and end in 8 to 12 weeks, there is something refreshing in the time it takes to produce a truly beautiful wine”. Perched on rolling hills at the south eastern point of the Strathbogie […]

Are our workplaces ready for high impact – low touch technologies?

By Schiavello Behaviours previously confined to science fiction are now contemporary design considerations as new technologies appear on the market – providing workers with dynamic and new ways of working. Consider for a moment, today’s technologies are on track to be four times more powerful by 2020. This exponential increase of computational power will continue to create seismic shifts in workplace behaviour. New interfaces are enabling alternative ways to control computers, generate and navigate digital content and, share experiences. These […]

Quiet the Mind

The success of any competitive organisation is dependent on its effectiveness to create, transfer and embed knowledge. This focus on a knowledge currency has fostered the complex knowledge environments that characterise work today: workspaces that are constantly flowing with information. Work is no longer procedural, as we work on many tasks simultaneously within alternative physical and virtual environments, and with diverse people. Working in today’s world of hyper-connectivity means that we are bombarded with information; work is saturated with information […]

How to Think About Generational Leadership

In today’s workplace, leaders are challenged with managing vastly different generations within the same workspace. It is essential that leaders are able to understand the different generations of individuals who have grown up in different times, have opposing values and possess different experiences and expectations. A successful leader is aware of, and acknowledges that generational differences exist in the workplace and stresses the importance of learning how to adjust their leadership and communication styles to best suit the individual needs […]

New Climate Products

Meet the new products added to the user-centred Climate range bringing even more flexibility to the malleable workplace furniture platform. Tables Three new table configurations are now available: Teardrop – Supports collaboration, space efficiency and non- traditional desk clusters through its unique form and shape. Learn more Pebble – Caters for people who need more surface real estate with its rectilinear work surface and softened edges. Learn more Kayak – Allows greater versatility through a curbed and straight edge, with […]

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Is your office doing your head in?

Leading Company’s Kath Walters speaks with Schiavello’s Keti Malkoski about what every leader should know about the impact of their work environment on their people. Leading Company By Kath Walters February 18, 2013 Read the full article

Share and Share Alike

Leading HR publication Human Capital Magazine publishes a contributed article by Schiavello Workplace Research Psychologist, Keti Malkoski, on the strengths and challenges of new workplace approaches. Keti discusses the research Schiavello conducts in this area, and offers insight on what employers must consider before making changes to the way their employees are asked to work.

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An Introduction To A Growing Trend: Activity Based Working

  US office design blog Office Snapshots features guest content from Schiavello Workplace Research Psychologist, Keti Malkoski. In her post, Keti discusses activity-based-working (ABW) as a growing workplace trend in Australia, and provides insight and key considerations for making it successful across an organisation. 


Climate and Schiavello featured in Design Quarterly

The Spring 2012 issue of Design Quarterly (DQ) features a two page profile on Climate, with insight on the modern workplace from Schiavello’s Workplace Research Psychologist Keti Malkoski, who discusses the importance of understanding the workforce in order to create a workplace that matches now, and that will continue to be strategically relevant in the future.

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Sound Theories

Indesign features Climate Soft Boundary Nimbus as part of a feature on “Sound Theories.”