Climate and Schiavello featured in Design Quarterly

The Spring 2012 issue of Design Quarterly (DQ) features a two page profile on Climate, with insight on the modern workplace from Schiavello’s Workplace Research Psychologist Keti Malkoski, who discusses the importance of understanding the workforce in order to create a workplace that matches now, and that will continue to be strategically relevant in the future.The profile touches on the workplace evolution in which “people and technology have become very malleable and mobile”, and the need for products that are more “team oriented, flexible, modular, and that offer elements that allow individuals or teams to form an instant connection with their workspace...”

An overview of the pilot installation of Climate at Deloitte Digital in Melbourne highlights how teams that used Climate found the program to be more supportive of their diverse work and personal needs compared to a traditional fixed workplace. Workers also cited an improvement in productivity, and more constructive and efficient meetings. “Overall feedback from employees was that they felt more valued, that they weren’t just a number, the workstation wasn’t just a cost and that someone had invested time into thinking about what they needed,” Malkoski says.

DQ Spring 2012
By Marg Hearn
October 2012

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