New Climate Products

Schiavello_Fractal_ScreenMeet the new products added to the user-centred Climate range bringing even more flexibility to the malleable workplace furniture platform.

Three new table configurations are now available:

  1. Teardrop - Supports collaboration, space efficiency and non- traditional desk clusters through its unique form and shape. Learn more
  2. Pebble - Caters for people who need more surface real estate with its rectilinear work surface and softened edges. Learn more
  3. Kayak - Allows greater versatility through a curbed and straight edge, with three optimal options for individual and collaborative work. Learn more

Modesty Blanket
A unique accessory that creates visual privacy and secludes personal space from sight via a distinct aesthetic.
Learn more

Fractal Screen
Designed by Dutch design house TJEP and developed by Schiavello, this lightweight divider allows privacy to be adjusted by layering within the Climate Channel. Learn more

P.E.T Marker
A solid state marker, this raw, Eco Panel synthetic felt inserts into the channel providing privacy between worktops. Learn more

Power Bar
An alternate method of bringing power and communications outlets to the worktop through an undercarriage mounted system. Designed to adjust to sit/stand configurations. Learn more

Power Fin
Provides flexibility when bringing power and communications to the worktop. Outlets can be increased or decreased beneath the channel. Learn more

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