Peter Schiavello, What Will Tomorrow Bring


This is an exciting question to ask oneself. 

For over fifty years, from day one on the 13th of July, 1966, when my father Tony and uncle Joe founded the company, the Schiavello business has grown, evolved and diversified on the pursuit of giving the customer what they want, providing great value, and believing that with an entrepreneurial spirit ‘Anything is Possible’.

The business has been created on core values, such as integrity, fairness, respect for customers, employees and all other stakeholders, and caring for our community.

One of the most important goals and pursuits for Schiavello is our relentless search for knowledge and innovative means to add value by simply improving human experiences in all spaces and places.

It is clear to me that this aspiration is driven by an inner commitment, a deep passion, for growing lifetime relationships, and to value and support these relationships, as we all share a journey towards achieving our own personal and professional aspirations.

In turn, it is these aspects of the Schiavello Culture that have been the motivating force behind the diversification of the company. We invest in ongoing research and development of knowledge to consider how we can best support our customer’s often unknown future needs. We pursue considered design based solutions to solve problems across wide ranging needs, and to generate new products which aim to provide genuine lifecycle benefit to our market. Importantly we continue to focus on heightening and diversifying the skills and competencies of our people through careful recruitment, ongoing training, and the addition of new skills to deliver on our markets evolving needs. Considered investment in the continuous improvement of our systems and our processes is fundamental.  And, of course, ensuring that our people are an integral part of the evolving Schiavello journey is an inherent part of our value system.

The many trading businesses that make up the Schiavello Group each aim to be technical leaders in their respective fields, offering project based engineered and customer-centric design solutions, focused on the unique customer experience, and providing immediate and long term value from our offering.

From a Partition and Fitout Contractor, the Schiavello Group has now evolved into a multidisciplinary property and accommodation business specialising in the creation of physical environments for the evolving needs of people. We now encompass the integrated activities of property development, strategic advisory services, construction and contracting services, manufacture of building materials, design and manufacture of furniture products and diverse contract manufacturing, supporting Australian and International markets.

What type of world are we living in? 

We all know that the world can be an uncertain place. I acknowledge that this feeling of uncertainty comes from a world which is changing around us at a pace which is often uncomfortable, and can be concerning for its unpredictability.

How can ‘the status quo’ refer to an existing state of affairs any longer, it surely must now refer to a constantly changing state of social and political affairs based on socio political revolutions and surprises we are presently witnessing across the world.

As we know, the only thing that we can predict with certainty about the future is that it is impossible to predict the future at all. Though we can expect constant change, with the addition of disruption at an increased frequency, to be an absolute certainty.

By example we know that in a relatively short period of time, Mobility and Connectedness have untethered us from our historical lifestyles. Today we are all far more connected with life and work – we have unimaginable choice and therefore there is demand for greater diversity of experiences and expression of individuality.

The sharing economy will continue to grow. I expect that it will become the norm to own less of the assets and products that we need and desire in our everyday lives. Instead we will have unlimited access to the shared use of an infinite variety of assets and products, with the associated benefits and gratification that comes from our choices. This will not always be by choice though, as in many cases it will be for economic reasons, as affordability and availability of resources will be tempered by environmental concerns and constraints.

There is great talk about the increasing blur between our personal life and work life, with the focus of this conversation moving on from ‘work life balance’ to ‘work life integration’.

Advances in technology will continue to automate the jobs and task of people around the world. Many of us will at some point be faced with the reality of having to reinvent and reapply our skills into new ways of earning an income. The ‘just in time’ workforce will increasingly fulfil future business requirements.

Medical research and science will continue to succeed in gifting the world’s population with longer life, enhanced health and augmented capability. This in turn will contribute to ongoing demographic change within our society.

And the world’s communities will continue to face social pressures and anxieties from the flow and blending of diverse cultures and value systems into quite unprepared landscapes. Rather than seeing this as a negative though, I see that we are being presented with a wonderful opportunity to work
together to realise the rich rewards from successful multiculturalism.

So what will tomorrow bring from Schiavello?

Firstly, I am genuinely excited and positive about the future. And although in some ways change and uncertainty might seem to be something to feel anxious about, to me it represents great opportunity and a challenge to be enthusiastic about.

So in order to continue to service and support the people, businesses and communities who we are privileged to call our clients, I envisage that as a group, Schiavello will continue to focus with great passion to:

Inspire our people to imagine, to be versatile, to think laterally and challenge ourselves to conceive and design beautiful solutions, built forms and products which are more than just functional, but also elicit pleasure and delight through their beauty.

Educate, explore and study the factors which will likely contribute to changes in the way that our future communities will live, interact and socialise together, the way that we will work and earn a living, the way that people of all ages will learn and adapt to changing circumstances, and understand what personal recreation and experiential pursuits will look like.

Commit to being the best at what we do, encourage and invest in staff technical training and personal development, ensure that processes are continuously improving, maintain investment in advanced equipment and technology to enable the delivery of leading edge product and service outcomes, and be absolutely trustworthy and dependable.

Provide genuine service and memorable experiences that exceed customer expectations, challenge industry service norms, and focus on the customer journey, not just the destination.

Offer great value in everything we do, contribute to our clients with effective technical advice, offer added value by sharing our most current research, learnings and industry experiences.

Be Agile and customer-centric, bring together the right people and resources, forming and reforming, to best respond to diverse customer needs.

Be Proud of what we each do as individuals and achieve as a company, stop at nothing to ensure we succeed on our promise of quality, and stand collectively behind the properties, solutions, products and experiences that we provide to our valued clients.

Seek Opportunity ask questions, listen carefully, show courage and collaborate to create and realise a shared vision.

Contribute actively to the local community wherever we are based, continue to explore ways to reduce environmental impact resulting from our activities and the ongoing use of the properties and products we create, and support charitable organisations and endeavours through the Schiavello Charitable Foundation.

Maintain Family values, respect and nurture relationships, demonstrate integrity in everything we do, foster a culture of health and wellbeing -  ensuring safety of employees and all stakeholders, and make sure that the company always maintains its heart and its soul, demonstrating compassion for all people.

Under my leadership, and with the support of our people, the Schiavello Group will increasingly see our diverse businesses and skills coming together to collaborate in unique ways with our clients and communities to respond to far more holistic property and accommodation needs, and to help create solutions to challenging future problems.

We will Create for you.

We will Create with you.

In a trusting partnership and with a positive attitude — Anything is possible.