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Knowledge sharing: What’s mine is yours… right?

Operating a business in today’s knowledge economy means that knowledge management is paramount to remaining competitive. ‘Knowledge management’ is the strategic business process of managing the intangible intellectual capital, or assets, of the organisation to continuously improve effectiveness.

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Just got activity-based working? It’s about to change again

  A workforce that includes up to four generations and growing emphasis on working remotely are just some of the challenges that face employers and the architects who serve them, says Rosemary Kirkby, the pioneer of workplace design in Australia.

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How to foster a sense of belonging within a mobile workforce

 ‘A sense of belonging’ is the feeling of being included, accepted and connected to a community. By promoting this positive ‘feeling,’ companies can improve effectiveness: Employees that feel that they belong are more satisfied and motivated to perform better. For any company looking to promote a united and engaged workplace culture, finding ways to foster feelings of belongingness within their employees and teams is fundamental.

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The power of a deconstructed office

Progressive organisations are beginning to treat the workspace as an active tool rather than a passive backdrop, according to Keti Malkoski, workplace research psychologist with Schiavello. This focus may lead to a decision to shift to a different work environment, such as ‘hot desking’ or ‘activity-based working’ (ABW). The former is focused on the desk: employees are no longer allocated their own, but several employees will use the work station at different times. ABW environments, on the other hand, divide […]

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Diverse Personalities and the Workplaces that Support Them

Physical workplaces are developed to support the work needs of a diverse range of employees and teams, and different types of work require different types of support. The four work modes that need to be supported by workplaces include focusing, learning, collaborating and socialising.

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Share and Share Alike

Leading HR publication Human Capital Magazine publishes a contributed article by Schiavello Workplace Research Psychologist, Keti Malkoski, on the strengths and challenges of new workplace approaches. Keti discusses the research Schiavello conducts in this area, and offers insight on what employers must consider before making changes to the way their employees are asked to work.

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An Introduction To A Growing Trend: Activity Based Working

  US office design blog Office Snapshots features guest content from Schiavello Workplace Research Psychologist, Keti Malkoski. In her post, Keti discusses activity-based-working (ABW) as a growing workplace trend in Australia, and provides insight and key considerations for making it successful across an organisation. 


Change Management for Activity Based Working

Every time workspace is changed – whether the change is moving around a few workstations or moving the entire organisation into a new building – there is an opportunity for organisational change and improvement. The opportunity may be at a modest scale all the way to large-scale changes in business processes, procedures, and even the culture.

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It’s not my desk, we’ve gone ABW

Activity based working (ABW) is a workplace approach where no occupant has an assigned desk: rather the work space provides employees with a variety of predetermined settings that allow them to do specific tasks in these work settings. It is important to recognise that ABW is just one workplace approach – like many before it such as hot-desking – that may be suited to some organisations, employees and groups of employees, but may not necessarily be suited to all.

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