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Climate and Schiavello featured in Design Quarterly

The Spring 2012 issue of Design Quarterly (DQ) features a two page profile on Climate, with insight on the modern workplace from Schiavello’s Workplace Research Psychologist Keti Malkoski, who discusses the importance of understanding the workforce in order to create a workplace that matches now, and that will continue to be strategically relevant in the future.

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The evolution of technology in business

Charter Magazine highlights Deloitte’s pilot installation of the Climate workplace program in their exploration of the workplace of the future. With a focus on much higher levels of flexibility through office malleability and adaptable furniture, Climate allowed workers to work collaboratively and in isolation easily by using soft boundaries and markers to adapt their office environment to the work on which they were focused.


Hospira’s New Open Plan Melbourne Office

Leading workplace design blog Office Snapshots highlights the selection of Climate for Hospira’s new office design, as part of a relocation project led by workplace design consultancy Artillery.  As the article notes, “Schiavello’s Climate workstations were selected for the office as they fit well with ‘Hospira’s requirements for fostering collaboration and encouraging interaction between staff’”.