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Knowledge sharing: What’s mine is yours… right?

Operating a business in today’s knowledge economy means that knowledge management is paramount to remaining competitive. ‘Knowledge management’ is the strategic business process of managing the intangible intellectual capital, or assets, of the organisation to continuously improve effectiveness.

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Diverse Personalities and the Workplaces that Support Them

Physical workplaces are developed to support the work needs of a diverse range of employees and teams, and different types of work require different types of support. The four work modes that need to be supported by workplaces include focusing, learning, collaborating and socialising.

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Coworking spaces

The way that we work and where we work is constantly changing – driven by the need to be more flexible and mobile. Coworking is a new way of working that is becoming more popular in Australia and globally – evident by the proliferation of coworking spaces. In the last few weeks of July 2012, I have been visiting Melbourne’s coworking spaces, talking to the founders and users.

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Climate makes for an effective workplace at Deloitte

Workspaces vary greatly between organisations, but what impact does the broader and individual workspace have on employee effectiveness and the outcomes of the business? To explore these questions and the impact of the Climate workplace program Schiavello Workplace Research Psychologist, Keti Malkoski and international Environmental Psychologist, Dr Jacqueline Vischer conducted a pilot installation at Deloitte Digital in Melbourne, which examined factors including privacy and collaboration, communication, personalisation, and empowerment and value within the workplace.

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