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Just got activity-based working? It’s about to change again

  A workforce that includes up to four generations and growing emphasis on working remotely are just some of the challenges that face employers and the architects who serve them, says Rosemary Kirkby, the pioneer of workplace design in Australia.

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Changing Gears: Understanding the drivers and objectives of workplace change

Anyone who has worked in an office environment for the last decade can attest to the noticeable difference in the workplace of today versus five or ten years ago – changes in how the workplace looks, feels, and how it operates. And with a robust set of micro and macro forces changing what we do and how we do it, transformations to the physical workplace have only just begun.

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Why Passing on the Remote Is Good for Yahoo!

With the hullabaloo surrounding Yahoo’s leaked memo summoning all remote workers back to the office, it’s clear that the subject of mobility, as we design professionals call it, has touched a modern workplace nerve. We all like to think that we can work anywhere at any time. Tablets, smart phones, and The Cloud have delivered the promise of freedom from being tethered to any specific location. Work isn’t a place, after all.

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