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How ICT will change next generation working life

Working life is changing for millions of people around the world. Mobile and digital technologies are expanding into increasingly more areas of society, business and private life, changing the way we work and how work is organized. As people become more mobile they expect greater flexibility in their work, placing greater demand on their work environment.

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How to foster a sense of belonging within a mobile workforce

 ‘A sense of belonging’ is the feeling of being included, accepted and connected to a community. By promoting this positive ‘feeling,’ companies can improve effectiveness: Employees that feel that they belong are more satisfied and motivated to perform better. For any company looking to promote a united and engaged workplace culture, finding ways to foster feelings of belongingness within their employees and teams is fundamental.

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The Changing Workplace from Me to We

US office design blog Office Snapshots has featured guest content from Schiavello Workplace Research Psychologist, Keti Malkoski as part of their education series. Keti discusses supporting the shift from “Me” to “We” in the workplace, sharing intelligence gained locally with the international workplace community.

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What makes an effective organisation?

During a CoreNet Global presentation this year, I explored ‘organisational effectiveness’ and the role of the physical workplace. Based on a management consulting model, organisational effectiveness is fostered by the following five dimensions: The impact of the physical workplace The physical workplace is a well established ‘value adding tool’ for organisational effectiveness. With regards to the five dimensions identified above, the physical workplace and the elements within it enhances effectiveness in the following ways:

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Three themes of modern workplace design

Mentoring, socialization, and technology were themes heard throughout the recent IFMA Workplace Summit discussions at Cornell University. These tangible topics aren’t just taking the place of yesterday’s buzzwords like productivity, innovation, and employee experience – they’re helping companies achieve a successful workplace strategy.

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Future-Proofing the Office (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on how to future proof your office. Work and the workplace are changing today, driven by globalization, shifting demographics, technological advances, and economic pressures, just to name a few causes. And no one sees that stopping anytime soon. More and more companies are asking themselves how to plan to ensure that they can meet the needs of the future without fully understanding what those needs might be.

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