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The UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study on Sustainability 2013

Sustainability is firmly on the CEO agenda, but underlying our in-depth conversations with these leaders is a sense of frustrated ambition. Some 63 percent expect sustainability to transform their industry in five years—and 76 percent believe that embedding sustainability into core business will drive revenue growth and new opportunities. But they are constrained by market expectations.

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Evaluating the workplace pre and post the occupancy

During the design stage of a physical workplace the vision, goals and objectives should be determined. Once established, these should be evaluated through many forms including a pre and post occupancy evaluation process. Pre and post occupancy evaluations are systematic and structured analyses of the effectiveness of physical workplaces, as measured by the opinions of the users via structured surveys, interviews and focus groups.

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What makes an effective organisation?

During a CoreNet Global presentation this year, I explored ‘organisational effectiveness’ and the role of the physical workplace. Based on a management consulting model, organisational effectiveness is fostered by the following five dimensions: The impact of the physical workplace The physical workplace is a well established ‘value adding tool’ for organisational effectiveness. With regards to the five dimensions identified above, the physical workplace and the elements within it enhances effectiveness in the following ways:

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