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The power of a deconstructed office

Progressive organisations are beginning to treat the workspace as an active tool rather than a passive backdrop, according to Keti Malkoski, workplace research psychologist with Schiavello. This focus may lead to a decision to shift to a different work environment, such as ‘hot desking’ or ‘activity-based working’ (ABW). The former is focused on the desk: employees are no longer allocated their own, but several employees will use the work station at different times. ABW environments, on the other hand, divide […]

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It’s not my desk, we’ve gone ABW

Activity based working (ABW) is a workplace approach where no occupant has an assigned desk: rather the work space provides employees with a variety of predetermined settings that allow them to do specific tasks in these work settings. It is important to recognise that ABW is just one workplace approach – like many before it such as hot-desking – that may be suited to some organisations, employees and groups of employees, but may not necessarily be suited to all.

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Climate makes for an effective workplace at Deloitte

Workspaces vary greatly between organisations, but what impact does the broader and individual workspace have on employee effectiveness and the outcomes of the business? To explore these questions and the impact of the Climate workplace program Schiavello Workplace Research Psychologist, Keti Malkoski and international Environmental Psychologist, Dr Jacqueline Vischer conducted a pilot installation at Deloitte Digital in Melbourne, which examined factors including privacy and collaboration, communication, personalisation, and empowerment and value within the workplace.

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