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How ICT will change next generation working life

Working life is changing for millions of people around the world. Mobile and digital technologies are expanding into increasingly more areas of society, business and private life, changing the way we work and how work is organized. As people become more mobile they expect greater flexibility in their work, placing greater demand on their work environment.

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Working theories

WHEN Yahoo! chief executive Marissa Mayer announced the company’s recent ban on staff working from home in regular hours, she was attacked by business leaders, human resources experts, academics, environmentalists and feminists. Yet the heated argument that followed has highlighted a management issue well worth scrutinising: What working conditions deliver the most productivity? Is there only so far the seemingly inexorable trend towards “flexibility” can go before staff diffusion begins to damage a company’s internal coherence? Is the now widespread […]

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Three themes of modern workplace design

Mentoring, socialization, and technology were themes heard throughout the recent IFMA Workplace Summit discussions at Cornell University. These tangible topics aren’t just taking the place of yesterday’s buzzwords like productivity, innovation, and employee experience – they’re helping companies achieve a successful workplace strategy.

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